Pro lotto or Advantage Plus or ....


Glad I found you. I am totally new in the world of using computer software to analyse the lottery. I am also new to this site.

I have two questions about using the right software and hope you can help me.

What is good software to pick the best numbers and why?

If everybody uses this software how big is the chance of winning the jackpot with 100 people?

Cheers and thanks for your reply.

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Welcome to the forums mello :wavey:
I have deleted the email addy that you included in your post. As per membership rules here, the posting of emails etc is not permitted.

Re Lotto Pro or Advantage Plus ... both are very good intermediate software programs. Both produce special best bet numbers which are pretty useless.
There is great free software available. Check out WINHunter and for wheels Covermaster.
Your best bet for winning the lottery is by using software as a tool not a magic ball and the realy super numbers can be found here in the members prediction pools and the Hints Hints best bet numbers. Read around and you will find a wealth of info and ots of help.