Printing playslips


What programs are available, which actually work, to print 6/49 and Super 7 playslips ?

I've tried LottoPrint2, but can't get that to work at all... useless program. :sick:

LottoDirector's free printgen.exe program works but with limitations. I finally got the Super7 (western canada) format lined up, but it only prints 3 boards instead of 5, does not print yes/no for "extra", and it can't print number of draws. :(

I have not been able to get the 6/49 playslips to work since it starts number 1 in the first position, which should be blank instead (1st position in column 2 should be 10, not 11). Same thing as Super 7 applies here for "extra" and number of draws. :mad:

Has anyone got these formats working ?


Hi dwoods,

Thanks for letting us know about the problems with the print ticket programs. Maybe I should delete the link to the print ticket program in the tools section if it is not a good thing. Anyone else tried it out?
I just looked at the print tickets feature that Lotto Pro 2002 has ... it seems quite good as you can set all measurement variables etc. You can download a trial version by clicking on the banner at the bottom of the page. Let us know how it works.



The people at have been helpful on this. He made a quick change to the Super 7 format to print 5 panels instead of just 3. I sent him samples (per his request) of Western Canada lottery slips for Lotto 6/49, Super 7, Western 6/49, and out Pick 3. This way he can update the info for other players who download the freebie program.

LT, it seems that we can't attach files:
I was going to include the Super 7 Payslip Definition File (PDF) as a txt file. Rename it as C:\LDIR\PDFILES\CNS7.PDF
You may still need to re-align it for your printer, because mine is an Epson Stylus II.
Please note that printer support is limited for this DOS based program.

My surcharge is only 1% for anyone winning the Super 7 draws coming up ;) ;) :lol: