Prime Numbers


Can anyone tell me the following:
A)How many draws have had 6 prime numbers.
B)How many draws have had 5 prime numbers.
C)How many draws have had 4 prime numbers.
D)How many draws have had 3 prime numbers.
E)How many draws have had no prime numers.
bonus number not included...
prime numbers
hits for 6=00
hits for 5=17
hits for 4=124
hits for 3=407
hits for 2=716
hits for 1=616
hits for 0=195


For MegaMillions:
bonus number IS included...
prime numbers
hits for 6=00
hits for 5=00
hits for 4=13
hits for 3=20
hits for 2=45
hits for 1=61
hits for 0=26
hits for Bonus Ball=48

includes Fri. game #165

16% have 0 primes
37% have 1 prime
27% have 2 primes
12% have 3 primes
8% have 4 primes

29% of all games the BB is prime
35% of games were a prime hits, it's the BB

139/165 games have had a prime # hit.
84% time a comb will have ONE or more primes
47% time a comb will have TWO or more primes
Here's something even more interesting about it....Look at this...
These combinations have hit for 6 prime numbers (or if you like 5+bonus to be more precise..)
draw 1322=02-03-13-17-23-42 bonus 31
draw 1330=05-13-19-31-40-43 bonus 11
draw 1449=03-17-19-29-37-42 bonus 41
draw 1895=03-11-12-17-29-41 bonus 23

Now It seems that the 03-17 likes to take part of these big hits but it is also interesting to notice that LDs of 02 is the other regular number mostly associated with them and LDs of 01 is mostly the bonus number in these draws...
Something else also...Draw 1332 has hit for 6 prime numbers but take a look at draw1817...Lets put them together...
draw 1322=02-03-13-17-23-42 bonus 31
draw 1817=02-03-13-17-23-32 bonus 39 As you can see here's your 03-17 again...And Here's your LDs of 02 again....
The recent trend in 6/49 is close to all that ...Now when you think about it the 02-03 consecutive is among the coldest pairs at the present time...Could come pretty soon...
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Thank you Dennis for this very useful and insightful bit of information. I wanted to draw everyones attention to the primes.:agree2:


One more little bit of statistical trivia, regarding primes.
Can 649 to date 2075 draws, 14525 numbers drawn.
Prime numbers drawn equal 4503, or 31%.
But then prime numbers only equal 30% of the 49 numbers.:agree:


New Zealand has had 1 draw where all 6 numbers were prime numbers.

And there is only 12 prime numbers between 1 and 40.


Prime numbers (and other ones)

Considering the 2077 draws, we now have 4508 prime numbers having come out or 31.0% of all 14,539 numbers (with the bouns number). The real theorical value is 15/49 or 30.6%. Certainly not a major difference.

The same kind of data can be obtained for:
- Even numbers: 7044 numbers drawn (or 48.45%) against a theorical value of 48.98% (or 24/49);
- Multiples of 3: 4700 numbers drawn (or 32.33%) against a theorical value of 32.65% (or 16/49);
- Multiples of 5: 2647 numbers drawn (or 18.21%) against a theorical value of 18.37% (or 9/49);
- Fibonaci numbers: 2396 numbers drawn (or 16.48%) against a theorical value of 16.33% (or 8/49);
- Lucas numbers: 2398 numbers drawn (or 16.49%) against a theorical value of 48.98% (or 8/49).

If I throw a coin 2100 times, I would not expect 1050 heads and 1050 tails. Well, may be once in a while but certainly not all the times.


Fibonaci and Lucas numbers

The first two Fibonaci numbers are 1 and 2 and the serie continues by adding the preceding two numbers. So you get 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34 and so on.

The Lucas numbers are constructed in a similar manner except that the first two numbers are 1 and 3. So you get 1, 3, 4, 7, 11, 18, 29, 47 and so on.

Altogether for both series, there are 8 numbers out of the 49 in a 6/49 lottery.


Actually the the Fibonacci sequence starts with 1,1,2,3,5.....
A good place to read about this is at mathworld

Lucas sequence is just a series containning the whole part of the powers of PHI (the golden number!)
Read about it here!

And do read about the golden number here
You will be surprised!
For example do you know that you can find golden number ratios all over the human body....


picking lotto 649 numbers and atlantic 49?

how does someone pick 6 out of 8 numbers for example using the fibonaci and lucas numbers i saw mentioned on the board?

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