Power ball odds are better than lotto?


:wavey: Hello all :wavey: ,

The New Zealand Power Ball will be more than $17Mill ($US9.7Mill)

And the best thing about the draw this weekend is it has to go.

If no one wins the first division power ball then it will be split amongst those that win second division.

And here is the kicker.....want to know the odds of winning the prize if no one wins first division?..........its a beauty................ 1:1137298 :eek: :wow: :dizzy:

That is correct...no mistake.

The NZ lotto works on a 6+2b/40 system and then power ball is picked on top of this from a 1/8.

Total odds for lotto are 1:3838380

Total odds with power ball 1:30707040

But if it goes to second division odds are;

lotto 2nd div: 1:142162
with power ball 1:1137298

And here is the other kicker...it only cost $NZ0.50 / line

Put all my resources into this draw. Am really going for this one.

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No one won 1st division Power Ball.

So the prize was split between 14 2nd Div winners.

So the odds of winning had dropped to
1:1.1Mill instead of the usual 1:30Mill

If someone had covered all the 2nd div odds they still would have won more than they spent.


I take it you didnt pull a div 2 win then awww . o well thats some nice work on the lotto commisions part. sure is worth putting a few extra entries in when that happens.

btter luck next time


Didn't happen for me on that draw.

Only have to wait for 9 more weeks (if no one gets the power ball during this period) for another shot like that.

I see Penrith won the NRL.

Now for the rugby world cup