Picks For Regional Lotto Nov 16


BC49 Picks

Is this going to be a 30 something draw ? Still a lot of 40s but I think I'll 'ignore' them this time. Singles on a holiday ... only see the 2 . Here's the way the nrs line up for me today:

D. 10-24-30-36-37-38-42
O. 45-12-29-22
R. 23-43-46-02
A. 35-48-21

- to be reduced.



BC49 ... 19-20-33-36-40-43 B11
QE49 ... 06-07-09-24-44-45 B36

Congrats Mon, 3 hits :agree: !

Played an AW12_22, got zip ... how about that 40, four times in a row !!

Where is everybody tonite :confused:


Well done on a 3/8 win that's great....Keep it up...As for me I am taking time off from this board especially this week as wife is out of country and I am taking care of my daughter...But the main reason is bad luck with f lotto especially after that GD bonus draw which brought nothing but weird numbers since then.
In fact 6/49 is way better right now than b4.
Even S7 is balanced very well not like BC/49.
BTW Lotto 97 and LA are doing ok interms of numbers produced. like LINES ..I meant no Combo at all thanks to the filters of LA.
As for WH it's doing very bad.


As above you can see I am a madman across the water :agree:
I will resort to QP's for this 10 Million and maybe some Combo play for S7.
No cookies for me so the hunger created a Maniac :lol:



it's good to have a break from the nrs occasionally, I found that out in Oct. Although it was a 'forced' hiatus it allowed for a recharge. So put your feet up and forget about predicting for a while ...

Cheers :beer: <-- a few of those won't hurt ;)

Yeah one line did the job for the Nov 9 Jackpot....As for the extra this last Friday was record-breaking as 73 ppl matched 3/4 and as predicted one person won the $500,000.00 because of the many combinations present.
Yeah QP's for now and 5 lines my own. No Combo play as I am tired of 2/10 80% of the time :mad:



:eek: :eek: i am here with advice, how to get more than 2 numbers most of the time.....and here it is....simply play the numbers you would not play......pretty good, huh...with advice like that, we should all be winners....:heul: :heul:

since about friday and even a few hours ago i have been unable to sign onto this site and was getting withdrawal symptoms...feels better now, though.....from the recent posts doesn't look like the problem was widespread.....

this past saturday i went with some qp's...nothing, of course...the numbers came out too weird.....

brad....without picking on a group or race, over the years i have noticed orientals doing quite well on the daily numbers....there are other games in the far east similar, have been played for centuries...the toto combos they seem to do well in also, while perhaps not knowing very much about the sport being played...some of my library gambling reading came across much literature on sports gambling, house percentages, track hold-backs, etc.
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hey daleks,

thanks for cracking me up :D ... I've often thought of playing the nrs normally tossed aside. I have a question for you: which is easier, picking nrs that will hit or ones that won't ? :lol:

I can also empathise with your web site withdrawal symptoms, call them ws squared ;) (I love the smileys as you can tell)...

As to the daylies I've been toying with the idea for a few months now but havn't spend any $$ . So far I don't have much, nothing that works yet. I'd be interested if you came across some pertinent info whether books or web sites, regardless of where it originates - as long as a translator is not needed. If you feel like it post some thoughts in the the Daylies section.

Cheers :beer: