Picks for Nov 16



Sticking with the same....
02 04 08 10 31 34 36 43 46 48

And a couple of six guns
02 06 14 29 46 48
03 09 15 39 41 42:sleeping:
Took time off to reflect on things....Here's 8 numbers...

:kaioken: :kaioken:
This is the no name's draw....Good luck to all!


Beaker's winners for November 16

Going after some of those open pairs with these:

$$$ 2-3-7-11-16-20-22-27-30-40-45-46 $$$

Best bets: I'm with dwoods99 11-16-40 should be there :agree2:

Gawd I hope this is it :eek: :angel: - playing a small wheel this time :confused:

Good luck players :agree2:


Thanks dwoods for starting the numbers.

My Top 20 again.


still thinking about 31...

All the Best of Lotto Luck to Everyone!
Congratulations to all the winners tonite! NumbersDudes was close too a big hit on calling the consecutives in the correct split decade here....very close + his hints of 08 came up as the bonus..He got that 33 right on the nose good call ...but again...his set was very close!:agree2:

Now folks I got only 3 out of 8 yesterday playing the Full 28 lines wheel (small win for me...pocket change...When my hints misses I consider it a lost...In fact I'd rather like to see my 2 hints on target than having 3 correct numbers in my whole set...I take great pride in my hints)....And the 24-27 pair acted as a spoiler for me because of these dam bonus draws...34-43 should have joined the party in that one and this is why my hints were off ....But that 20-34-43 is alive more than ever...I won't give up on them...and neither will I give up on 39...They are coming folks..Now we saw a high draw only one number under 20
(20 was part of the spectacle) and this is why we saw a consecutive pair like 26-27 .... When they are announced they all come sooner than later...
Now I'm going too look for a real high draw no number under 20 at all....It is lurking folks!!....It is lurking!
:eek2: :eek3:
Dennis Bassboss on November the 11TH[/i] [B][B]The 30-31 is now an open pair ....one might come from there too....But the 24-34 are little critters that we could call spoilers....[/B] :eek: [/B][/QUOTE] [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Dennis Bassboss on November the 11Th said:
As for the 25-26...the're going to take part of the next real high draw (only one or none numbers under 20)...(Could be the elusive 09)But before that.... the 20 has to show up...And it will... :eek:
Originally posted by Beaker on November the 11Th
Watch for that 4-27 - they are low hanging fruit ready to drop :liplick:
What happened yesterday should have happened the draw prior to this one....Big shifts in the draws... Courtesy of these bonus draws.... :dang:
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