Pick 3/ 4 and 5 ball info wanted....


Hello everyone.

I am looking for any information concerning pick 3/4 and 5 ball plays. Pre-made lotto and lottery programs, are NOT what I am hunting. Personal "twists" the things that are not or will not show up on these programs is what I seek. This information can be from any country because the basic elements of any game are the same as far as I believe them to be.
Primarily, I play Pick 3 games but pick 4 and 5 ball lotto I also get into at times. I am compiling basic information that cannot be found in any program or handbook and I share this "You and Me" information with anyone who wants to know. You folks already know that I am a member of various forums and I try to give what I can gleen to help another player find some wins.
I would appreciate your help and if you want, I will give you personal credit from whatever information I leave for other players. I do not take credit for things that I do or leave if they are not my original idea, I just wasn't reared that way.