peter (daleks) vs BC Lottery.........i won......


on november 13 i selected 6 numbers on a keno slip (6 LD 7 and 0 from 7-37 and 10-40), stuck it into a self-serve machine at a local watering hole during the lunch hour...the machine asked for and was given a ten dollar bill, to play that slip for 10 draws....but, the machine did not spit out a paper response, a ticket....bartender opened machine, was unable to do anything with it, suggested i leave the machine while we had our lunch, she would keep an eye on it....sat outside, watched the draws on the tv screen,saw the numbers come up 3 draws later...ran inside, showed bartender, still no ticket spit out, she suggested if nothing by the time we finished lunch, i would leave her my phone number....some 40 minutes later, bartender came running out, with the ticket in her hand....yeay, i said, let's go validate....tried, but her behind-the-bar-machine was problem, i would validate later....tried, at another location, was shown slip,"not a winner"....whoah, now i called 1-800-bc lottery, they suggested i write a letter, enclosing the ticket, signing it...

thrust of my argument was that once my selection slip and payment had been accepted, we had a valid contract....

turns out that telus phone lines had been on-and-off intermittent,the ticket issued started 40 minutes after i submitted it..

yesterday afternoon, message left on my machine from bc lottery told me cheque was in the mail, they had accepted my claim...

yeay, an honest bookie.......:beer: ...homemade,for the holidays
WTG Daleks

1.500.00 is fantastic right now considering your dry run recently.
Yea Telus had problems plus their CS or PR has come down thanks to their cutbacks..
I am still waiting for reply for 10 days now !!