Saw your comments in the 6/49 section...I wondered if you'd consider posting your ON49 nrs again, the list of members seems to be growing every day there's bound to be some others to compare notes with sooner or later...Combo and I understand the attraction of 1/2 priced lotteries, some ppl prefer the larger pots but obviously the 'mechanics' are the same for all 6/49s. Guess what I'm saying is that 'provincials' can gain from each other's inputs as well as from the 'nationals' even though we can't compare nrs directly.
Btw I tested for a long time before I felt comfortable posting and playing, lately I thought of going back to only testing again as my 'luck' has been poor, :sick:
Congrats on getting 5, I haven't had one of those in a long time, and good luck with your program ! :)