OLD systems, FED UP!


It really comes down to this: the wise lotto player is one who is armed with assorted and varied strategies, tips, and techniques and has studied closely the lottery history of the specific lotto being played. Analysis and not wheeling, is the key.

Actually, I think it will end up being a combination of both. The key idea is that you look at a lottery game as a closed system of variables, much like a complex equation. The output will look variable at best, but given the equation, and the limited set of input variables, the outcomes are more than likely going to fall more or less into somewhat predicatable patterns. Wheeling tends to focus more on the patterns themselves that the machines tend towards.

Gail Howard, IMHO, has more wins to her name simply because she has been around the longest, and has the largest following of users of her system. I would wager to bet that I MIGHT have 12+ users actively using my software at this time. Although my software does NOT supply analytical data, it does provide a means to analyze a drawing history in ways that other lottery software just cannot do, PERIOD, end of discussion.

Will my software successfully predict a lottery? You bet, it is only a matter of time, of which Gail and others have had more of for their systems to prove themselves. BUT, why do the users of other systems NOT win? What is missing from ALL of these systems that exist thus far? Complexity of the system attempting to predict the lottery itself. Every system in existence thus far is a static/simplistic system. They do not change. They are all very much based on static data, and do not react to subtle changes in drawing history. How do you react to a drawing history, what TRIGGERS do you look for? I have no idea, but I intend to produce the best software available that gives users the tools needed to build the very complex system that will hopefully one day, begin to consistently predict lottery drawings.

Am I knocking Gail's or others systems? NO WAY! In fact, I am building from the systems that already exist today.

Is this a sales pitch (It sure sounds like one...) NO WAY! The software project I have been working on, and have released (BETA version) is FREEWARE. As someone stated recently on another board, "Freeware rhymes with Beware". Actually Freeware means that you the user, can actually give input into the development process. That you can help steer the future of this software project. That you can have access to every part of the software. It means that other software vendors can look at the next level of Lottery software, and build from those ideas. This project is growing, and will continue to grow.

One of the interesting things that I have discovered about existing strategies, is that they do not generate results as good as you think they do. Most strategies can be optimized for different lotteries to obtain better results. But the things that seem to be doing better than standard strategies, is ideas that users have submitted and were implemented and altered to fit the architecture of the software itself. These methods produce better results, consitently and successfully eliminate more numbers and still manage to capture the winning numbers in the final output predictions more often than the existing system coutner parts!

I said all of that to simply say this. The old tools have had their chance. Lay your old ideas aside. Open your mind and think of the possibilities. Now it is time for a new tool. That new tool is WINHunter. It's time for something NEW!



hmmm....yeah it is time to move on to something new....man...:agree:

but the thing is....I still didn't managed to start it up....damn...:bawl:

....yeah....I have downloaded every update...and nothing....:(

...guess it is my comp...and Windoze.....



New installer

The new <BETA> version is on the sourceforge site for downloading. If you cannot run the installation program, then you need to download the Windoze installer that is on the same download page.


MsiA.exe is for Windows 95, 98, Millenium
and the other is for NT 4.0 and WIN2K

BTW, there are ALWAYS users somewhere who have installation problems. It just takes alot of communication and detailed problem reporting to find the exact problem.