Oh Happy Day!!


So glad to see the board up and running again. Suffered terrible withdrawal symptoms, worse than when I quit smoking. Hope everything is ok now and if there was some individual trying to sabotage this site, go get em!! :agree:


Looks like we're running from an old backup - July 24 ish. THat's too bad - someone not doing good backups:rolleyes: :dang:
Good to see the best site of the net back up again.....and I really do not understand why in the world some individuals would like to harm such a nice site!!! It is really unfortunate! I will never understand these kind of behaviour! :dang:
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O:K: what has past is past and what is gone will not return...It is useless to look back now so I'm going to look straight ahead and everybody should do just the same....As for all the lost stats posted ....It can be done again and it will...
I'm going to start building up for the next 6/49 ...and that huge jackpot for Super 7....Together we will win big folks!


:agree: Dennis - it's not like we lost the nuclear codes or the human genome data. I'm not too concerned about the predictions/discussions posts but there was some good WINHunter info that I was interested in and if anyone saved that, it would be great if that could be reposted :)

It's great to be back up and LT if there is anything that can be done to help, please ask.:agree2:


Am so glad that we are back in business again. I cannot imagine what are we to do without this site and the forum members??


just my two cents worth , I didnt realize how often I log onto this site until I was unable to access it. I have not been able to discuss my lotto passion with anyone until now. and like Maggie it really felt like I quite smoking again!!! welcome back and lets hope nothing bad ever happens again!!!!:beer:
I totally agree.I check out this site maybe 4 or 5 times a aday to see all the comments .And see all the new stats. I was not impressed.Makes me sizzle when people do such stupid things.
We do not overly take it serious .It is for entertainment.
Never fails.Some idiots is always out to ruin.Glad it is back as well.Kepp up the good information.I read it and I try to figure it all out. THanks for the good stuff:dizzy: