No more free Loto-Analyzer!

I just visited the Technor site and their software has now become a LT could you remove it from the free tools section it is no longer a free device!!:cry: :bawl:


Thanks for the update on the Loto analyzer status Dennis.
I feel the same way :cry: I hope that a lot of members got it while it was free but hey .. on the internet you have to be fast as things change quickly. I'll take down the link.

Hopefully the updated "free" version of the LotWin software will be back again soon.



RE: Loto-Analyser Files

Fortunately I downloaded this software in time but I'm having problems with the Loto DAT Files I also downloaded from Freetools. Where do I put them exactly without receiving a Runtime error? Thank you in advance. :confused:
I hope I won't have to add them in manually.