NEED Excel sheet for 6/49 draws


I tried the Excel sheet in the Tools forum and this file has some error in it. Can semeone posst a link to an Excel file with draw results ?

Also i wanted to try the software Lotto Analyser 2000 but this program doesn't include thae database for 6/49, Super 7. Does anyone noes where i can get them ?

i,m also trying Windows Lotto Pro 2002 and i found out that the drawings database have quite a bit of errors in it. It doesn't seems to be very reliable.

For Banco i found 5 errors withing the last 100 draws. Quebec 49 i found 1 in less than 30 draws.

Did people try this software ? What do you think about it ? Can i use the "Create smart number ticket" with a wheeling system ? Is it a good way to choose the numbers ?

In comparaison what is better between Windows Lotto Pro 2002 and Lotto Analyser 2000 ?

I know a lot of question but i'm new to lottery bid with software.



Welcome to the bulletin board.

Thanks for letting me know about the excel file. I have taken down the link until I the problem with the transfer is fixed.
Re the databases for Lotto Analyzer .. have you checked out the download available from Dennis? (in the free tools section) It might have the 649?
Re errors in any databases from any lottery software ... you mention a good point.It is always best to check the data (at least as far back as the draw history you are using) for accuracy.
I have also found mistakes in lots of software databases and have reported them to the software authors for correction. They are always glad to have that info.
Re Windows Lotto Pro smart numbers ... that is a fast and ez way to get some good potentials for a wheel and their web site displays a lot of testimonials from winners but two points of caution.
Dry run the system for some future draws. Don't bet your money until you see that the settings (IE whatever hot number cut off you are using etc.) works.
As has been said many times here .. don't rely on any software to be a machine to generate the jackpot prediction. Use the software to see what's hot cold, analysis trends etc. and also rely on your own intuitive responses to the numbers.
Windows Lotto Pro vs Lotto Analyser? I'm familiar with Lotto Pro and it is a very good all round program available at a reasonable price. I'm not familiar with Lotto Analyser yet but several members here are. One big benefit - it is free. henlo1 has tried several programs for the SA 649 and finds Lotto Analyser to be the most effective.
See thread

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Need more advice

Prior you respond with this

"Dry run the system for some future draws. Don't bet your money until you see that the settings (IE whatever hot number cut off you are using etc.) works. "

Can you be more specific and explain a bit more what you mean here ?

Also what is the best way to choose number.

Right now i play 7 numbers full wheel. and here are the numbers i got from Lotto Pro 2002 for the last 52 draws for CAN 6/49

04 07 16 20 40 42 49

Also what would be the ratio for selecting: Lotto pro is suggesting me to use

Hot 3
Prior 1
Cold 2
Due 0

So if i go in the statistics i get all the hot, prior, Cold and due.

Does the ration above will be a good way to choose my numbers.

Also what is the best wheeling to use ? Now i use the full 7 since a week with no luck but cost me $7 for a tickets.

I found it hard to make new wheeling files because of so many way to make the combination.

Last question:

How can i calculate the odds for a winning combinations:

6/6 for CAN 6/49 is 1 out of 13 983 816
In excel i use COMBIN(49,6)

But how can i calculate for 3/6 or 4/6 or 5/6 odds in Excel ?



Hi Sylvain,

What I mean by "dry run" your system is do not actually purchase the tickets or spend your money before you are comfortable with the risk levels of your system. Generate the numbers but don't actually buy them. Just pretend you bought them until you are ok with the system and then want to risk real money. You are doing "what if tests". Unfortunately Lotto Pro does not have a feature that lets you go back into the draw history and select a section of prior draw results to test against known future draw outcomes. Some other softwares have this feature.
As you are just getting started with lotto software, the best way to choose a number would be to go with the default settings of the software that you are learning .. in this case Lotto Pro.
Your 7 number full wheel is good. Another larger number "full" wheel would not be good because it would cost too much. For larger numbers use an abbreviated wheel. At this point do not worry about making your own wheel. Lotto Pro has tons of good ones. You can find tons more on the internet (never pay for one) and there are several great wheels here on the bulletin board which have been provided by the members.
I do not use excel so I can't help with the odds calculations there but many members do use excel and I'm sure they could help you. For a generic odds calculator check out free tools.