Mozilla's New Focus: The End User


Right on Nick!!

I'm posting using MozillaFirebird!

These days, it's just about my only browser... even on windows! Death to the stagnated IE!

IE is the best example of what comes out of a monopoly! No evolution, IE has evolved since version 4.x, no new features for the user, nothing. While others like Opera, Mozilla and even other using the IE engine keep on comming up with new things!

For example, Firebird has:
1) Tabbed browsing, which means I only have one window open, with multiple tabs inside... sort of like Nick excell programs.
2) Built-in Ad blocking, no more stupid pop ups.
3) Integrated search
4) Themes
5) Extension support, plugins!

The last means that you can keep up on adding features to it, like Mouse Gestures, User agent switch, etc.