->-> Moving ->->


Ok, this is my last post before moving.
Afterwards it might be a bit diffcult for me to come here, because I'll have to arrange some kind of access over there...

Anyway, I wish you all :goodluck: in the comming draws, and yes I'll post details about the italian lotteries as soon as I can!!


Hey Cristiano,

I was gonna say that it shouldn't be hard to win a million in Italy but just remembered they ditched the old Lira for the Euro,

good luck with your move and get hooked up soon !:agree2:


Directly from FRASCATI/Italy!

Hello all,

I'm already here at my new work place, but unfortunately I'm not settle in yet!! I'll start posting as soon as I can!!!!

And Randal you'll have to get in line, just after all of my real life friends!!!