Missing Super Seven Money in ONT


Ticket worth $143,377.30 missing in Brockville

Time is running out to claim a LOTTO SUPER 7 second prize for a ticket sold one year ago in Brockville. The ticket is worth $143,377.30. Players have one year from the original draw date to claim the prize.

The winning numbers for the Friday, September 20, 2002, LOTTO SUPER 7 draw were 01 - 13 - 23 - 27 - 37 - 40 - 45 bonus number 18. To win a LOTTO SUPER 7 second prize, players must match six of the seven regular numbers plus the bonus number.

Anyone possessing this ticket should fill in the back portion, sign it and contact the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation Prize Office at 33 Bloor Street East in Toronto before 5:00 p.m. on Friday, September 19, 2003. Winners of up to $250,000 now have the convenience of dropping off winning tickets for processing at any of the Charity Casinos or at several of the Slots at Racetrack facilities. Winning tickets of up to $990 can be cashed at these sites.



holy twisted knickers ....

I bet the whole town of Brockville has its drawers upside down :lol:

Could also mail it, no? Whaat? You say you don't trust Canada Post?? ;)