lucky numbers


hello anybody is there ,please give me lucky numbers of sikkim lucky3 or any indian lottos or mumbai-kalyan matka numbers


Prabhaker, as you probably noticed your email address was deleted by our host LT, perhaps you did not fully read the rules of joining this forum, I would suggest you do so. Secondly it is not nescessary to post a request in every single forum on this board, if you have a question regarding your lotto post it in the appropriate place.
Failure to follow my advice will only get you ignored, I will give you the benefit of doubt, because you are new.
I don't know of anyone here that follows the Indian lotto's so if you have some information to share about your lotto, I suggest posting in the international forum, who knows, there may be others from your country that will join in, we are getting a big international following here.
Good luck to you in the future.