LT's set of twenty


LT: I have a question for you.
I know you maintain the same set of 20 for several draws, my question is this.
do you have several set sets of twenty that you keep on hand? or is each new set a product of study of the past several draws?, also have you repeated sets that you have posted in the past?, also what thoughts do you employ to make up these sets? just curious.


Hi Peter .. glad to see that you are alive and well and that your puter is back up.

re the Top 20 ... they are are new set every 10 draws based upon the updated database (10 draw gaps). As far as repeated sets .. I don't think there has been but that is a good question and I will check if any set has been the same. I would not think so but it is possible? The Top 20 were arrived at from a formula of combining hot, cold, medium, previous draw numbers and some other considerations. Years ago I spent tons of hours (like I know you and others do as well) comming up with a formula that had some degree of advantage over the expected number of hits for a 20 number pool. The Top 20 generally produce about a 10% to 13% increase in hits over a purely random pool. Not very exciting I admit but with these odds we need any margin of advantage we can get. I have found that the Top 20 can go "stale" for a few draws but usually rebounds with a 5+ grab afterwards... almost like a balancing out. It is the only pool of its size on the entire internet, to have captured all 7 winners.
But for the really exciting lotto prediction action I salute you and all of the others on the board that do the magick with the small number sets and the hints - best bets calls. I'm sure that it is just a matter of time before a small but brilliant pool set is going to grab all 7! :agree2: