What are the rules for the game for this? I would imagine that it would be quite easy to get a good system for such a low system.

Let me know.



Not sure of your question on rules. The Louisiana Pic 3 is a daily game were you can pick 3 numbers. Wagers go like this:

Stright Wager- Must exactly match winning numbers drawn.

Box Wager- Must match winning drawn in any order.

Stright/Box- Combines a $.50 Stright wager and a $.50 Box wager for a number on the same ticket. The Stright/Box wager is a $1.00 wager.

I hope this will help answer your question. I'm new at this Lotto,but am very interested in learning and playing. I do know that Louisiana has three (3) computer chips that use to draw the winning numbers. Thank you for the E-mail. I hope you can help me with this situation.

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