Just to share this, if I may as I was inputting the winning numbers for Lotto 6/49 winning numbers for Feb 16th -16 29 34 40 46 48 B3.

My list of due/cold numbers for the Lotto 649 for that day's draw-16 23 49 12 21 42 45 29 25 39 19 41 46=TOTAL 13

My list of due/cold numbers for the On49 draw-40 42 13 08 06 24 01 34 25 19 48=TOTAL 11.

That night, three winning numbers came from 6/49 due and 3 came from On49. It happened again last night's draw although only 2 from each set 39, 38 and 6, 48, respectively.

Choosing the winning numbers, another perspective?.


Hi Florie ... nice choice of avatar!

I'm wondering if I should make a category on the bulletin board for the provincial 649's?
ie Ontario, BC etc 649?

What does everyone think? Would the category get used?


I should have included mention of the Western 649 in my previous post :eek:
There is also a separate BC 649.
How about la belle province? Does it also have a regional 649? and I believe that the Atlantic Lottery Corporation does or did offer an eastern 649?

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I sometimes play the same numbers in the two lotteries ...especially when they put some bonus for having 4 numbers...So I would say ...Why not? Perhaps some players are playing only the Provincial local lottery...I know a few that are doing just that..
Yes, go for it!


I am one of those people who occasionally play the Lotto6/49, compelled only to play if it is a big one! My view is ...normal draw jackpot is $2mil nationwide. Might even have to share the jackpot with one or a few winners. Just the facts as shown below.
Lotto 6/49 Results for the Draw Date Sat Feb 23, 2002.
All 6 Numbers

Jackpot for this draw is $2,000,000.00
Total ticket sales = $14,287,044.00
By the way, I got lucky and managed to win some in the last three ON49 draws so you have my vote to go for it LT.