lotto trix update for oct 8/03

well i did pretty well tonight using the lotto trix formula the winning numbers in the bc/49 were 23-29-32-33-45-47 b36 i won 1 4/6 with the numbers 23-29-33-47 and one 3 number prize with 23-32-45 this is the second time i have hit 4 numbers in the last 3 drawings my profit for this draw is $60- $41 = $19 i play the lotto trix for the bc because of the 2 games for a dollar deall will keep you updated further on future winning or losing results!


That's not bad ... as long as you keep hitting that 4/6.
Although my somewhat educated guess is that in the long run you'll be lucky to recover ~60% of your ticket costs ... but I've been wrong bfr (once or twice :D ).
Just a thought ... a full wheel of 9 numbers will cost only a buck more ($42 in BC49) but a 3 hit will pay $200, 4 hit $900 ... I think that would suit me better if I could afford $42/draw.

Have you considered posting your picks in the Regionals?


ps. has anyone mentioned that 'Trix are for kids' yet ? ;)
you are correct with the high prize return but have you ever tried to get that right 3 in a wheel of 9 at $42 its my bet that you would have to play at least 8 times to maybe reach those 3 numbers!


Well, short answer ... no luck with FW9 yet. But I keep trying !! On paper only though ... guess you could say I'm still paper training :lol:


Training on the white paper saves alot of green paper :lol:


Suggest you do back check on paper, the history against your picks.


I did a full 9 number combo once becuse it was a big draw$20mill.

Got 5 numbers......$3500 :D :D :D :D

Yes I could not hide that grin.

Treated my partner and myself to a Holiday along the East coast of Aus (it was the Aussie lotto money anyway) Between Melbourne and Brisbane.

We added to this with the money we were winning at the Casinos (4 of them).

Total take about $5 to $6k (including lotto winnings)

Not big wins from the casinos but at least we left on a positive.


$3.5K is not too shabby ... comparable to BC49's $3.9K for a 5of9 hitter (bfr applying exchange rate).
Got lucky once in a Casino with a $1,250 on a 25c bet, the other times are not worth mentioning ... have yet to find the rigged bandit plants that are supposed to pay out 100%+
... flashing lights make me wanna flee anyway :D ... guess that's why I'm a nervous slots player :worry:
would do a back check of the numbers but i fear that i might jinx myself!!! this good luck streak is great!!! or is it luck???
i dont know what it is but heres the link to the site they have a free wheel there of fourty numbers to try out dissect it and let us know i will leave this link if i am not supposed to sorry!


I have seen the free 40 number wheel.

It is pointless to use in NZ since the smallest prize in NZ needs 3no's plus the bonus.

I just saw another nice wheel by Robert Perkis of lotto logix which covers all the numbers.

You have to anchor 3 numbers and then place the remaining 46 in the 3 empty slots. I think it was 16 lines.

So in the case for NZ this would only cost $6.50 to cover. Just a little bit more than a lucky dip (quick Pick). So if I had a choice between a lucky dip and Roberts wheel I would choose Roberts.

Or anchor 2 numbers and mix the other 38 for 10 tickets.$5.00.

I might just do a check on the 40 number wheel that lottotrix offers for free.

If I do I'll post the results here for the NZ history.




Okay I did a history check for the last 10 draws in NZ.

so for $285 investment. would get $60 back.

Thats less than 25% recovered.

And heres the catch: It would be worse if it wasnt for the fact that NZ has 2 bonus balls.


Heres the results against 50 draws in NZ.

Spend: $1425

Return: $280 - (19.6% of original investment)

And like I said earlier the NZ lotto has 2 bonus numbers.

Before the last 49 draws there was only 1 bonus no. So I expect the return to be worse.

So if we take into account 1 bonus instead of 2 you can take another $90 off the $280.

Theoretical return on 50 draws with 1 bonus;

$190 - (13.3% of original investment)

Heres the count for the 50 draws;

3nos = 82, 3nos+b = 18 (2bonus balls), 4nos = 5

Now if I was the author I would scrub his statement saying if I offered you $50 for your ticket after the first 2 balls had been drawn would you take it?

Answer: YES

He would payout (82+18+5)*$50 = $5250.


Pretty good guess on the 60% return if your local lotto pays for 3 number wins.

The 4 number count only happened in the last 15 draws (cluster effect).