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Hi All,

TroyT from Spain here :)

It's been a while since I last posted on the forum... I've been trying out a few different software programs and I have a few questions that I'd be interested to hear any comments on.

FYI: In spain we have a 6/49 lottery everday of the week! divided into 3 different games (read: cost of "bet"). I play all three games (I'm tryingto give up smoking and spending my money on the lottery instead of tobacco.... it's working I'm down from 3 packs a day to half-a-packet!)

The programs I have tried:

Winlotto Pro 2002: Very easy to use but in the short time that I had for the trial period the results weren't exactly what I "expected". In the period I used this software, I achieved 2x 3/6 lines from 120 draws (each draw playing a 15 number wheel over 15 "tickets"). My main gripe against this program is that I could only enter one type of game for my country:(

Lotto Analyser: Not user friendly (or is it me?).. after pumping in data (2 years of draws)... still couldn't figure out what was happening. As with the Winlotto program, I could only enter one of the three games that I play :(

Lotto6: See Lotto Analyser

Lotto Logic Pro 2000 & Lotto Logic Pro 2002: From all of the above I'm still playing around with this program (probably because I got a registered version).. It's the only one that I've been able to have all three 6/49 games that I play in one program (and also keeping an eye on the UK lotttery that my "folks" play). Lots of fancy stuff, but then again lots of "annoying" details (e.g. can't choose the number of numbers you want to play in a wheel, ticket selections only in groups of 5, Only Hot, or Due numbers, no clear analysis of all 49 numbers and their history, etc...)

THe only thing I have to say about these programs is..
Yesterday I was so busy with work that I didn't even have time to check the programs.... I got to the Lottery "shop" and filled out a few tickets by looking at the winners over the past 15 draws and going on intuition: I don't know if it's good or bad but... the draw came out 4,5,24,28,39,41, and I had 5 ticket with 3/6... the best or worst ticket I chose was 3,6,23,28,39,41.. so close and yet so far!!!!!

Hope to hear any comments!!!

Cya later!
TroyT "Now and Zen"

Remember: The "impossible" exists, because the "possible" exists ;)


Hey TroyT..
As an ex smoker I want to say a BIG congratulations to you! THREE packs a day down to 1/2 a pack :eek: ... really good. I know how hard it is to quit.. but think of the piles of money that you are saving for the lottery or other uses.
That is interesting about your 649 played every day. I guess a person could become broke or rich really fast in Spain :D
For all of the software programs they should be able to handle 3 databases? Is the database the same for all three games. Maybe it is just a question of making duplicated files of the data histories but labelling or setting up the game setup as three separate entities like Spain 649 one, Spain 649 two etc ?


Hi LT,
With a 6/49 game everyday, it could be a players' paradise or hell! :lol:

The games are divided into 3: one game runs on Mon, Tue, Wed & Fri, Another game runs on Thu & Sat, and the last runs on Sun.
Game one is the cheapest - approx. 50cents per line, game two costs about $1 and the third game (sunday) costs $2.50 (with the exchange rate it's a little less).

As you can imagine, the higher the stakes the bigger prize!

As for the programs, with the exception of Lotto Logic: he only way aroud the problem of having 3 different 6/49 games was:

Loto Analyzer: Install the program three times under three different folders, and rename them!

Win Lotto Pro: Treat each game as a different country! (the trial version doesn't allow to create new game files (or atleast when I tried it just overwrote the file that exists)

I've only commented on these two, as, in all honesty, those were the only two which I really wanted to try.

Troy "Now and Zen"