Lotto Pro or not?



This may be in the wrong forum....but, I have
a question (or a few).

Does anyone else here use the Lotto Pro program?

I had downloaded the Trial Version of Lotto Pro; and have won a few times (once I won $360.00) on 649. But like all good things - it must pass. My trail has ended, and I am wondering before I buy a registration I would like to know:

- anybody else use it?
- Is it consistent in terms of results (over a longer period of time)?
- Any Lotto Pro success stories
- Any random thoughts on the matter?

Like many other programs Lottopro is not very good if you use it alone....It can help in some ways , mostly in the short terms predictions status Hot/Cold ...and so on but it has also some downsides....
1- the databases are fill with mistakes
2- the filters have their limits..

I'm a big fan of banco I once ask them by e-mail if they could set up a full database for that lottery ( The one they uses only have 1/4 of the total history) I got an answer that it wouldn't be good to do so because the program can't handle such a big load and that it was irrelevant to go back so far down into the history...
But I use LottoMaster with such a database and it is working well...

Lottopro could be much better into search for past draws and it could develop into an outstanding program but it seems to me that the makers of that program have throw down the towel on possible improvement of their product...

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I also saw somewhere that Peter ( from Peter's wheels) is currently working on a program of his own...and we can see on this very board good efforts from Winhunter :agree2: What I like the most from Winhunter is the fact that that it is willing to improve all the time ( The source code been given to who ever wants it) ....

I would say that Lottopro as it is might be a nice program for beginners, it gives them an overall wiew of the lottery but for more advance players it quickly become offence intended it is only my opinion here.... :smokin:


Hi andy ... welcome to the bulletin board.
I agree with what Dennis has said. Essentially Lotto Pro is a good general program at a good price range and it does offer a wide selection of wheels. We of course should use all lotto programs as number management tools and not expect them to be crystal balls for the winners. With your win of $360.00 on 649 ... you must be managing your numbers well :agree2:

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