Lotto Pro 2003


Anyone using this software???

I purchased this software a while back and would like to know how to utilize this software to its limits and if anyone has any success with it.


Hey Senna12 I Use The Lotto Pro A lot And It Works Good For
Me I Save A lot Of Time. I Like The New Key Number Wheel’s
Preferably the 12/26.

I Did Some Work On My National Lotto Data Base
And Came Up With Some Numbers That May Help You.
Watch Out For 1-2-5-13-16-18-19-37-38-44.
I Think Three Of These May Come Up.
You May See A Repeat Of 11 Or 39.
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Use of Lotto Pro


I'm a frequent user of this software.

but only for the "technical" parts.

Technical being that it is very nifty for

1. printing betslips, especially if you buy 30+ tickets. H/W, u need to set it up first.

2. churning out the numbers that you want for your specialized wheel if any. I combine this program with "Covermaster" which I feel is the best open cover software maker.

3. Checking your winning tickets effortlessly.

4. Churning out statistics, e.g. Hot/Cold/Due numbers for analysis

From personal experience, the "prediction" part of the software is somewhat lacking and I am better at picking the numbers myself for the lottery draws.


Hi senna12, ELIJAH, dowjones .. welcome :wavey:

Lotto Pro is a great all round program with lots of features and an intuitive interface, at a very reasonable price. But like all lotto programs, I completely agree with dowjones, don't use them to do your final selection for you. They are better used as "number" managers than a lotto crystal ball ;)