Lotto player "must-have" !


This is my first post on this forum, but I am reading for a while. You guys are great, playing with numbers in your quest for the BIG ONE !
I am playing lottery from time to time, but recently played more because of the big pot waiting to be winned.
Anyway, I didn't used any system or software, but few wheels that produced no more of 3 numbers (in my country's lottery 4 numbers is the lowest prise)!
I wonder if you can guide my in this problem, I am interested in some software, EXCEL sheets to help me pick my numbers.
I need: lotto statistical analisys software, wheels, calculate how often a number is picked, pairings, anouncers. Also I am looking for a software that is testing my combinations/wheels against real lotto, so I can save my money before I can play with more chances!

THANKS and wait for your answers!




Hello Radu and welcome.

First stop is the free lotto sutff section at the bottom of this page.

There are links to free software for wheels and data analysis.

Also checkout the lotto toolbox section.

Any questions from there just let us know.