Lotto Honesty


Lotto honesty 27.08.2003

MONCTON, N.B. - Lorna Tower is $675,000 richer today, thanks to an observant - and honest - convenience store clerk...
The Moncton waitress was presented with a cheque for a four-month-old Atlantic Lottery Set For Life ticket she had forgotten all about.

Tower visited the store Monday to buy a birthday card and her ticket fell out.

A female clerk unfamiliar with the lottery told Tower she won $4 but was unsure what the numbers at the top of the ticket were for.

Tower kept the numbered stub as a souvenir and headed off to her job as a waitress.

Later, owner Ernie Fletcher noticed that one validation slip indicated that somebody had won the $675,000 jackpot, but he didn't know who. Fletcher checked the store's security videotape and recognized Tower.

He called Tower at work to make sure she had her numbered stub. "She thought I wanted her $4 back. It was such a thrill to tell her that she won the jackpot."


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