Lotto Data in excell what stats am I missing?


Hey Everyone,

I'm just working through making an excell data sheet with all the lotto data for me to learn and study and so far this is what I have on one worksheet in excell from columns left to right...

Draw#, Draw Date,Num1,Num2etc...thru..Num6,Bonus,Even,Odd,HighBall,Lowball,Lowsum,Highsum,totalsum

I can provide the worksheet to anyone who wants it...

What else should I include before setting up other worksheets to analyse the data?



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Thanks for that grayth.

Most of us have had the data for years.

All data for the lotto is available from the official BC lotto site.

Anything can be derived from that raw data with Excel.

You may want to add LD count, decades,width of line to your analysis.


Beaker, good points, I also have consecutives listed, I call them
They stand for triple, double, and consecutive.
I also include repeaters .... tr,dr,r. triple repeat,double,& repeat.
I minimize the columns size to fit, so I can have all that on the screen for viewing.


Beaker, I'm still on Quattro pro, which is on my" lotto computer"
I had converted all my lotto files over to excel on my computer which died. I may attempt to convert back to excel on this new computer, or I may install Quattro pro on this one, and transfer my files over.