Lotto Analyzer!


Building your own database can be very tedious :( I know from doing a few format types of Lotto 649 in 1996 before they were available but maybe if enough people want to use this particular freeware they could split up the task. ie Some do the national 649 others the BC 649 etc. and then share the db files?
Bottom line the program could be used with just the last 100 or so draws for analysis .. yes I know that there will be equally valid opinions that the full database is needed to really get at the particular lottery's signature.
LT I have the full database for both the 6/49 and the Super 7!
When you received the database make sure that you change the numbers of draws . You do that by hitting the configuration button
on top of the program! Otherwise you won't be able to see them!
I can e-mail you a zip file of this database!


Thanks very much Dennis .. That saves me hours of typing and I can now check out the program.
Much Appreciated!
it does,it just forwords to towords ""

too bad its costs money to use it of a price of $29.95

buy numbers to gamble & buy numbers to gamble again.