Lotto Analyzer 2000


Hello LT,

Thank you voluntery for giving me the URL website address to download the lottodata files!:)
When I went to the website: then, clicked on the F.A.Q menu. "How can I get all the drawings for Loto-Analyzer 2000?
The only way is to enter them all manually in the software. Only Loto-Analyzer 2002 comes with all the drawings."
That was the only information I got. You can't rely on their information. About a year and a half ago I inputed over 1,600 draws of my 1995 lotto software. It took me about a week to put the numbers in. I was very disappointed when I got to the draw dates in 2000. The problem with the software was it only had the last 2 digits of the year. When I inputed the last 2 digits of the year 00 it took it as year 1900. It was my very first lottery software I got. The software wasn't Y2K ready. I couldn't use that software anymore.
Thanks again
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I have everything working perfectly here! That software is taking the 2,000 years like any other draws...
Hope you get it working somehow!If you download the database found here you won't have any trouble with it!;)