Lotto 649 Feb 16/02


Here are my 20 for this draw.


Number 31 is the best bet number.

All the Best of Lotto Luck to Everyone!

Mr. Ken

My picks for feb 16-2002

I,m hoping for some luck tonight with these numbers?


I also like the #31 for tonght.
Congratulations LT you got another 3!
Mister Ken you got 01 out of 10 , I consider that very good on a first attempt ..keep on posting them you will get more soon !
Me I only have two tonight and no hints on target but it went high ...not as high as it is going to be very soon though...:) :cool:
We will get them next time!

The 31 is going to pop-up somewhere soon also!


Mr. Ken ... not to be discouraged on your set. You are brave enough to use only a ten number pool. When you finaly hit a 4, 5 or 6 out of that size of a number pool there are going to be some major cash ins!!! Next time ;) .. and 31 is still my fave single.
Mr. Ken said:

Ouch!!!! Golf anyone??

LoL...don't get discouraged Mr. Ken...and like LT is saying when you will hit with a 10 numbers set will be for a nice hit...and it will come ...have no doubts about it....;)

Mr. Ken

Good Morning LT,
I might of had an off night with my picks but I am definitely going to use them for at least the next three draws.The only time I really get discouraged is around INCOME TAX time every year.LT have a nice day.