Lotto 649 Feb 13/02


Here are my top 20 for the upcomming Feb 13/02 649 draw.


Best bet number is 31

Good Luck to All!
Wow ...well LT you are getting 4 + bonus tonight...
Number Dudes gets two...
And me only one ...but again one of my hints came up....that makes it 3 draws in a row for me...:cool:
by playing my hints along with your numbers it makes it 5+bonus out of 22 tonight...not bad for the big wheelers....:)

Mr. Ken

Lt does it again 4 plus bonus#

LT great number picks as usual.
I liked your number picks used them in my 20 number wheel but my order wasn,t correct maybe next time.What,s the odds of getting the numbers in proper order?


Hi Mr. Ken ... the 20 were good this draw because they offered the "potential" for a 4 number winner. Too bad they don't do that or better alll the time :(
By my odds calculator there are 38,760 possible combinations in a 20 number pool so its no wonder that we can miss the full 4 number tickets. I didn't get them in the winning combo either :(
Real courage in numbers predictions is shown by Dennis and numbersdude ... if one of their smaller pools hits a lot of winners a big prize is sure to happen!!
With whatever pool there is always next time. For the next draw still be looking for number 31 to show up :D


Mr. Ken

Number Picks

LT Thanks for the info on my question.
I will also use the number 31 in my next set of numbers.
There,s one observation I,ve noticed on your web site there,s alot of classy people that write in. Thanks Mr .Ken



Just restarted a Ltto pool from 10 years ago.
LT - Tried your 20 number pick for the last 3 weeks.
Won a few $10 prizes until today. Managed to get the four numbers to line up plus a couple of $10 wins.
This time I used 19 of your picks and wheeled 80 games for our pool of eight members. I dropped the picks to nineteen because the chances of 3 numbers lining where much greater, especially for the number of games we play.
The future looks bright for this new lotto pool. Thanks