Lotto 6/49 February 27!

The high one is still hanging around...
Here they are

27-31-36-49 They might all come up...very soon we shall see a triple consecutives...
:cool: :cool:

Even if I'm not playing all of them...I just want to see something interesting are the top 20 of the most announced numbers for next draw...
I'm just curious to see how many off these will come up...
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Here are my 20
#31 has goy 2 b there!
Good luck to everyone!
LT about that this announcer thing from a pool of 20 got 4.....But what was I telling you.. the 06-07 pair from last draw remember folks tonight one number repeated the 07 ...I'll have to update these consecutives from a pair on back to back draw...remember from that pair it is going to happen 1/3 of the have another pair tonight better check it out folks for the next draw...And I only had one tonight but again one of my hints came up....
Congrats to LT another 3+bonus ..very consistent LT !!!:) :cool:


Hey ... 4 out of 20 on the announcer thing .. very good ! Is it the beginning of a roll :)


Measuring UNIT

We guess numbers. if we guess 10 numbers means you trying for Gold metal. for 15 numbers : Silver metal, for 20, Bronz metal.
if guess 6 + bonus numbers correctly then you get 6 stars
if guess 6 numbers correctly then you get 5 stars.
if guess 5 + bonus numbers correctly then you get 4 stars
if guess 5 numbers correctly then you get 3 stars
if guess 4 numbers correctly then you get 2 stars
if guess 3 numbers correctly then you get 1 stars
And what about that pair from the previous draw...38-39...last night 39 came up don't forget that 06-07 was also there in the previous draw and yesterday 07 came up ...I'll tell you these consecutives or 1/2 of it repeating in the very next draw are very interesting....if we had play the 04 of them well we are getting 2 in yesterday's draw!:cool:
previous draw=06-07-38-39
last draw= :D
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Hey Pradeep ... you are putting forward an intesesting suggestion. We could do "the olympics" of number prediction for the 649 and if we do it like we Canadians do olympic hockey we are going to big winners :)
Maybe the members with the best predictions could be awarded a gold silver or bronze medal avatar. I could make some up and then they could be used on the bulletin board by the most sucessful predictors or we could use stars as you sugest.


Dennis ... you are right we have to keep our eyes on these consecutives. I wonder if this is a trend or a long term pattern?
LT said:
Dennis ... you are right we have to keep our eyes on these consecutives. I wonder if this is a trend or a long term pattern?
It might be both ...I have track these consecutives for quite a while and if you look in the tips section where the stats on these are posted you will see that some pairs of consecutive are repeating more often than others...but it might also been a trend or at least it follows the overall trend in the numbers because when a pair of consecutive come you can expect that the pair or one number from the pair will very often repeat (much more than in a back to back draw)lets say in the next 5 to 10 draws that follow its appearance.:cool: :)


...we have another pair tonight better check it out folks for the next draw...

Yes, 39 and 40. Although 40 has been coming up a whole lot lately after a drought. (Reg/Bonus)

40: Feb-3/0, Jan-3/0, Dec-0/0, Nov-0/0, Oct-1/0, Sep-1/0

Other numbers...
07: Feb-3/1, Jan-3/0, Dec-1/0, Nov-1/0, Oct-0/0, Sep-2/0
39: Feb-2/0, Jan-2/0, Dec-0/0, Nov-1/0, Oct-0/0, Sep-2/0
42: Feb-0/0, Jan-0/0, Dec-0/0, Nov-3/0, Oct-2/0, Sep-2/0
43: Feb-2/0, Jan-0/1, Dec-4/0, Nov-1/2, Oct-4/0, Sep-3/0

Note: 3/4 of sep/oct draws had 42 matched with 43

Last time 49 was drawn: Sat, Nov.17/2001