Well I had an odd thing happen to me .I should never buy lottery of Fridays casue when I do.The lottery retailer always screws up.well this could possiblity a huge screw up .I was appalled.I went to buy my lottery.And to have my ticket played.Well she was less then smart.She validated my ticket and gave it back to me.and she never played my ticket.she ripped it up and put it in the garbage. Then she was confused as to the amount I spent.She charged me 46 for my tickets.ripped me off for 11 plus charged me for my 11 ticket.well I did not figured it out.Sorry was not feeling great.Until I went to cash in my ticket on Saturday.
And was told my ticket had all ready been validated.
So when I got back to my area .I went to the Beckers store and told them.There was a 11 dollar over charge in there taily for the day.Imagine that.And yes. after a lot of talking I got my money back.the 11 .I did however lose my 9. Bumbly idiots.


You said it bigsis2uca. DO NOT VALIDATE TICKETS ON FRIDAY.

These draws are huge and the lotto people will be busy. I hate people that bring all their old tickets to be validated at 8:59 pm EST at night. or the ones that have never played and ask the clerk to explain. :mad3:

People are going to be edgy here. Do yourself a favor and get it done earlier. :agree: