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In order to scientifically play Lotto biases must be isolated and used to your advantage.
Is something that causes an event to happen consistently.
In Lotto game biases can be caused by inconsistency:

Weight of Ball.
Amount of Paint on the Ball.
The actual colour of the ball.

Some real PET theories from the Lotto Shack:(Australian )
Actual GROUND temperate at the time of the draw. (Seasonal Factor)
The reality ground humidity at the time of the draw. (Seasonal)
The studio lights at the time of drawing. (Heat factor on balls)
These theories have not been proven, then again they have not been dis-proven.
Also have been asked many times if we have any record has to the winning numbers, came out as In Coloured Ball’s.
Have never looked at this, but who is to say this is not another way of looking at selecting Lotto Numbers.

So therefore, the drag co-efficient of each ball is different, and therefore patterns will develop that can be tracked.
This inconsistency causes a bias which becomes noticeable in you analysis. There is no need to understand what causes biases. You only need to know how to use these biases to your advantage.

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Thanks GillesD, and Very happy to C U back in this B B
Balls are OK!
Number NO
But numbers are on the balls......may be influenced by:
1) weather in and out of bowl...humid or dry
2) light.....dark ball attract, clear reflect

This is only discussion
Is something that causes an event to happen consistently?
some stats: from 6-18-23-24-28-46-38------since 1982
6; hit in january 28 times
in july 13 times
18: jan---->19 times
july-----> 12 times
28: jan-----> 20 times
july----->21 times
23: jan------>26 times
july------->24 times
24: jan------->24 times
july-------->19 times
46: jan-------->27 times
july-------->22 times
38: jan------->18 times
july------->28 times
errors (+) (-) 3
you can import data at ms access and make query like:
best day saturday or wednesday
best month nb hit or vis versa
best year, or bad
and many other question....
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