Looking for this book


*How to make Gail Howard's Smart Picks Intelligent*

I found an ad for this book the other day, but didn't click it, and I've done a web search and a google search and searched at Amazon.com and NOTHING???? !! Anybody know who what where about this book? And if it's even worth it? Thanks.


Look here. Same person that does your lotto secrets mag.

This is from 1998. I can post the email addy if LT allows.

Fantastic New System For Advantage Plus Software Users! "Making Gail Howard's
Smart Picks Intelligent" Is Your Guide To Getting The Best And Most Accurate
Predictions From This Famous Lady's Software. Printed Manual Details Complete
10 Step System Is Easy To Accomplish! Takes Less Than One Hour To Make Smart
Picks INTELLIGENT! Method Works With Other Predictive Lottery Software Too!
Complete Information Available Via Email From Castor-Pollux Publications.
Email <<email deleted by Beaker>> Today For Complete Details Or Rush Your Check/Money
Order For Only $9.95 To Castor-Pollux, P. O. Box 51454, Ft. Myers, FL 33994.
Checks accepted via email/phone also and Rush Delivery Is Available!! Order
Yours Now!

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Rebeckah said:
*How to make Gail Howard's Smart Picks Intelligent*

Not 2 B disrespectful to a major source of lotto software but I don't think even Gail Howard herself can make her "Smart Picks" Intellegent :dang:

Don't get me wrong .. I luv her software and I think that her charts and data management are some of the best available. Also her software is really good for "what if" testings on previous draw section selections. But her Smart Picks are certainly not the Holy Grail (or should spell that Gail :D ) of lottery predictions.


Re: Re: Looking for this book

LT said:
I don't think even Gail Howard herself can make her "Smart Picks" Intellegent

:lol: heehee
you're funny
but I agree, her SP don't win much for my lottos, {I track those just to see what if} but I thought I read somewhere that her system could learn from results and refine it's picks.... yes, that's my job, but I put stock in the AI of my puter secretly doing things to help me out,... learning ..... like my dad yells at his puter and it always crashes on him and he keeps buying brand new systems and then they end up not working. I think they're afraid of him. Of course he ends up hitting it with a hammer, so that may have something to do with it.... ya think??? :)


thanks for the link Beaks, I'll check it out.