Looking for a program.....


Hi....... :D

I'm looking for a program that will give me a list of all the numbers i need to get a guaranteed 4 out of 5. (I know its around 2432)

Does anyone know of such a program, i would like it in Excel format, or maybe a program that creates all possible combinations, and then helps me to filter out some numbers......

I did find one program, called "Cracking the lottery" but it only works with 6/49, it doesn't lemme use it with 5 balls.

Thanks for any reply....



Hi Ronin,

As far as I know, the best 4 out of 5 guarantee in a 649 game is a wheel of 7673 lines which is a little more than 2432.

One of the programs that does the trick is CoverMaster, although it might a few more lines.
You can load the resulting text file into excel.





WINHunter (freeware) is deisnged to help you eliminate numbers from your starting pool, then you can use software like Covermaster to wheel the remaining numbers.

Feel free to visit the WINHunter section to get an idea on what you are jumping into. Number elimination is still a new concept being touched on by lottery software (or so it seems.)

Be forewarned, WINHunter is not for the faint of heart! It can help you eliminate a few numbers easily, and still maintain the jackpot 50-75% of the time. The more numbers you eliminate, the less of a guarantee WINHunter can produce. But, WINHunter is also not point and click, it requires alot of thought and input from the user, and will almost not give you any results with out an inverstment of some of your time into it. WINHunter can help you test number elimination theories quickly, and even find the best settings for methods you design.

Anyway, Take a look!