Longest Running 649 Lotto


Hi Everybody,

Does anybody know which 649 Lotto is the longest running in the World.
I know the German Lotto started on the 9th of October 1955 and has been running for 2,624 Draws, and the Canadian Lotto started on the 12th of June 1982 and has been running for 2,086 Draws.
If anybody has Full Data History for any 649 Lotto that has been running longer than these, it would be appreciated if they could either post the results to this Forum or point me in the direction of obtaining them please.



Hey PAB,

the Czech 6/49 lotto has been running since 1957 and I think they've had many more draws than the German's 2.6K. The link I had for the results is down now tho, I'll recheck later.

I once saw on a site that the Netherlands are running the oldest lottery....Don't remember what kind it was.. :blush:
Maybe Goswinus could help us here.??? :confused: