Longest Running 649 Lotto in the World


Hi Everybody,

Does anybody know which 649 Lotto is the longest running in the world.
I know the German lotto started on the 9th of October 1955 and has been running for 2,600 Draws, the Belgium Lotto started on the 4th of February 1978 and the Canadian Lotto started on the 12th of June 1982 and has been running for 2,062 Draws ( I have data for these three ).
Would it be possible if anybody has FULL data history for any 649 lotto that has been running longer than these to post the results to this Forum please. It is always useful to be able to test theories against as much data as possible.

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If you want a 5/90 or a 6+/90 just look in italy! ;) These should keep you :rolling: for a long time!!

At least they do it to me!!


Heres an article I found;

Brief Lottery History
Lotteries have been documented since early Roman, Greek, Japanese and Chinese civilizations. The first state run lotteries began in Europe in the mid 1500's.

Today's modern lotteries began as an effort to reduce illegal numbers gambling and enhance education funding.

Did You Know That...
The first regular public lottery was held by Italy, La Lotto de Firenza.

One of America's first colonies, Jamestown was funded using by an English Lottery started by King James I of England.

Most U.S. state lotteries were created by individual state legislation and referendums during the 1970's and 1980's.



That is correct :lol:

Just like every other lotto around the world....Legalised by criminals (Govt / Tax department).

And some of them even double dip (tax twice)

$1 towards the lottery and $1 toward the tax man.

If you win then it is $1 dollar for you and $1.50 for the tax man :D