Line Builder using Figures!


Ok lotto friends, finally refound a site that I visited some time ago and I think it migh interest you.

Totoloto Pro
It's in Portuguese, but if you select Desdobramento->Figuras (either in the main menu or in the bottom links!) you'll be presented with a form entry page where you can select the numbers to play and figures to filter de resulting lines!

Quick PT to English translation:
Premio - Prize
Linhas - Lines
Colunas - Columns
Dezenas - Decades
Terminações - Last Digits
Consecutivos - Consecutives
Soma - Sum
Pares/Impares - Even/Odd
Baixos/Altos - Low/High

Then select "Processar" and you'll get a nice summary page with the combos to play: Each line starting with the text "Aposta XX:".

In red a code for the performed "system" is presented, you can later use the site to check for prizes in the lines.....

Hope you like it!
It's similar to what LotWin does... but this one is free!!


system13 said:
Brad,with Limpar you clear the selections.

Yap that's it, Limpar directly translates to "to clean"; in this context it means to clear all the options one had selected!

Glad you guys liked it, it can be usefull for some of those huge sets of numbers we can get for example with WH....

I wonder if it would be much trouble for Andrew to include something like this in WinHunter!



Is this like wheeling or something to that effect?

Just what exactly are we talking about inplementing here....