Let a Bird Pick Your Winners!


If anyone needs a good lotto laugh check out this place. This is the worst lotto site that I have ever seen and not just because the page design is terrible. The person claims that their pet crow can pick the winners for you .. and only for $10 :rolleyes:
I haven't laughed this much staring at my screen in quite a while :D :D
LOL....but LT if a lot of people sent the 10$ you could very much have a winner by crow picking....I once saw something very much similar in a flea market but instead of a crow ..a pig was choosing the numbers and guess what a winner came out of this well after many,many and many attemps by the poor pig...I think it was 5+bonus in the 6/49 ...the funny thing is in the weeks following the win there was a crowd lined up just to get a number so I guess that the owner of the site needs only to add a D to his crow and he'll get his winner..lol..lol..lol..of course the owner of the site in question here would be a winner for sure with all these 10$! :D
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