Keno: Cluster betting


I know we have some Keno players here, so when I stumbled across the following link, I thought of posting:

Her "cluster betting" is an approach I haven't seen addressed before. It would be interesting to see how it plays.

Please let me know if and how this information was useful.
Her Last Post Was In 2009.
And Basically For Live And Video Keno In The States Where Most Draws Are About 5 Minutes Apart.
Not Sure If That Would Help Much For Ontario Daily Keno


I've played the quick draw Keno in New York a few times where they have it in bars. The 5 min thing is a challenge.

However, Keno numbers do tend to cluster up, say in decades or in half the board which made me think this cluster thing could be a good approach. The advantage is that if you win your larger bet, you automatically win the smaller bet. And there is the possibility of winning the smaller bet while waiting for the big one to hit.


Hi Icewynd!
I used to play the daily Rapido draws at the bookies with a similar approach and the cluster theory does have some merit!

Rapido is similar to Keno: 20 numbers are drawn from 80 and you also have the option to bet on "Heads/Tails" or "Level".

Heads: Most numbers are from 1-40......Tails: Most numbers are from 41-80........Level: All numbers drawn are evenly distributed.

A "Level" outcome is by far the rarest of the three possible results so "Clustering" could be the way to play!!!

The Irish Lottery produced a cluster not so long ago: 10 11 12 15 18 19!!!
On the other hand: Even this result has a balanced odd/even outcome: 3 odd, 3 even.

So the challenge seems to be which cluster to play!!!

Good luck!!!