Karnac Theory - 5 hits in 15 numbers


Hello Gail Howard Adv.+ user's.
I've been playing with Chart 7 , set to groups 6, 12 and 18 per Karnac's Theory and found the following which I hope someone can explain. I found 5 hits within the first 14-18 numbers for certain games, in certain groups. I looked at the game (s)before, looking for a signal to play the next one, but could not find it. Maybe you can. If so, please let us know.
Here are the game numbers, how many hits and what group.
GAME # HITS Group Total numbers
3451 5 18 15
3444 5 18 14
3444 5 12 16
3440 5 12 15

There were lots of 4 Hits too within 15 numbers.
I looked at most of the filter charts for the games before ( 3439, 3443, 3450. etc.) , looking for a common signal to forecast playing the next game, but could not find any.
That is the key. We could wheel the 15 numbers in a good wheel and probably do some good.
Hoping someone can find the key,
chilibill ( waiting with his fingers crossed)


:nopity: chilibill: I came across your message of 1-18-2011. I have been trying to follow Karnac's theory for some time and have never been able to come up with the required 15 #'s. I have given up until I read of your success. Would you pleas take some of your valuable time and explain how you solved the problem. I have been using Simonsez's latest with a modest success, keeping me in playing money.


Hi madam
I'm siding with you. This Karnac's theory does not add up. Well I personally believe that HE / She made it all up. If chilibill have proof of it I would also like to see it. It also goes for the Lotto Number Graph which chilibill also claims that he / she get key numbers at will. Please may we have some proof here. Upload all proof to www.mediafire.com it is free and post the link here for us.

BlouBul :cool:



So you're looking for a trigger? Not enough information to help, but they seem to occur every 4-5 draws. Maybe calculate the skip pattern and play the most common skip on paper to see how that works out? :)


Re: the lottographs, I find this to be quite a successful method, but somewhat time consuming. In this thread {http://www.lotto649.ws/questions-answers/12662-lotto-graphs-numberselection.html} I was able to get 4 out of 15 numbers in two successive draws (picks posted before the draw). Its a tool to be used in combination with others, IMHO.