June 7 Prov Predict. & Discuss

Hey Brado,

LottoBuddy picked 21-31-34-26
So now I gotta pick 24 and perhaps 05
He thinks 34 might show up again....

As for Kazaa, I had to delete version 1.6 cause i got a warning telling me it's too old so I downloaded version 2.1.1 which is way better and faster but with a price.. 11 spyware files. One of them is CyDoor ...
So i am gonna keep an eye and see if it gets annoying or not...


re: Kazaa

2.1.1 is the one I got, have enabled 'Not Sharing' files, not 'cuz I'm selfish but rather 'concerned' about security since I have no experience with it ... this maybe why I have not seen any spyware from Kazaa yet.


Well, I don't see them ... unless I deleted them right after the Kazaa install and now don't remember that ... Kazaa seems to work ok without them tho ... dunno

OK I will delete them but I know very well that kazaa won't work afterward...
I am surprised yours is ok !!


OK ... I cleared all, ran Kazaa and found 6 cookies of Mediaplex and Fastclick type ... deleted all as I normally do after running Kazaa or spending any time on the net for that matter. I noticed tho that Tools/Internet Options/Delete-> Cookies & Files will work just as well, most of the time ... still good to have PestCotrol to double check, it did find a couple spywares that Tools did not

Btw if you think Kazaa will not run don't clear them ... I've not had that prob tho

Make sure there is no suspicious files...
Also pls tell me which version of PestPatrol do you have ?

Are you gonna play S7 tomorrow ? if yes give me your best 8..
I have the option of picking 3 8's ( combo 8's ) :D


PP v 3.2 May 2002 with latest updates

No files found just cookies :notme:

If I indulge in S7 it'll be QPs, given up on analyzing the sucker :D

But if you want I'll post them, sometimes there's a clue or two to be had from QPs ... Tried LDir web site lately for trends?

Or ...... mebe you should give me 8# to play! Rather do that than QPs ... hit big I promise to split! :angel:

Haven't tried LD for a long time now......thinking of deleting it..
As for QP's, so far it tells me to go with LD 6's !!!

Even LottoBuddy doesn't pick his anymore....He goes for QP's in Combo 8 !!!

Well if you wnat one take this : 01-03-04-13-32-35-39-44
Most likely will play it...Or if you want to modify it why not ....

As for PestPatrol, can you be specific which update do yo have ?


PP will have to wait a spell for exact answer, but I dida download just a few days ago when we talked about LotWin Lite ...

Thanks for the numbers going out for a while now so I'll get a FW !!

LDir ... I meant his web site preds, this is the latest S7:

These numbers have the strongest trending toward wins in the last 10 draws.

TRENDING: 27 2 6 12 1 14 31 37 45 8 9 10

These numbers are overdue for a win based on the last 10 and last 100 draws.

OVERDUE: 38 44 22 11 30 20 5 3 36 35 28 13

I know I know ... wrong section to post these .... L8R


I feel guilty everytime we hijack a thread,

OK Combo, we seem to do this more often than not, start a thread for picks and/or discussion and turn it into our own shmooze line.

To be fair to our fellow playmates we must try harder to be less hoggish from now on lest we irritate the nasal mucus out of them.

Being equally responsible for this unspeakable breach of board netiquette I propose the following: let picks be picks, discussion too if anyone needs it, and start a separate chatter thread for anything else ... coud call it submaxilla spout or jawbone wind, etc.

So raise your furry paw CMonster and swear in a low voice to abide :D

With sincere apologies to other provincial players I'll start a new Picks Thread and we can keep this one for sh*t chat :wavey:
PP version

Ok Brad,

Don't worry about others as there is hardly anyone here...They just read and leave..

My PP version is and you could get that by pressing info then read the 2nd line...Date of this version is May 12/2003


PP->That may explain the diff ... I'll get the newer v later

PS. not really worried about the threads rather trying to be neighbourly ;)


Thanks Nick, I'll look at all those links.

I think I'll start with K-lite and then try spybot.

PS. Nick, your links post is too good to burry in a Provincial thread, I posted a copy in Anything Goes for others to see.
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I had the wrong version...Cause I couldn't find the new K-Lite..I had version 1.6 which was so old...
Now the new K-lite is clean and PP found nothing wrong :agree2:


I posted S7 Old Wolf prediction as well as version 1.0.2 if u wanna have a look......

I get popup windows so I put Sygate Firewall which did the job immed.