June 19 picks


Here are my picks again for the June 19th Draw:

Playing these 24 numbers.....
12-16-17-18-19-21-23-27-30-31-32-34 36-38-39-40-41-42-43-44-45-46-47-49

Im sticking with these for a while but will
probally pick up an insta picks also just in case my numbers don't show. :agree:

Lets hope we can have a winner in our "lotto forum family".. :D

:bouncy: 10,000,000.00 :bouncy:


June 19 6-49 picks

Ok, here are mine for Wednesday's draw:

11 18 32 35 39 44
14 21 26 29 32 43
5 9 20 23 37 48
4 18 25 30 35 46
8 27 32 40 43 47

And because jackpot is high this week, going to spend a few extra bucks and play some combinations with these numbers:

1 7 9 11 19 20 22 27 31 38 40 43 47

Good Luck everyone!! :wavey:


picks for June 19

Here are my picks for 6/69


and I'm also getting quick picks :) :)

good luck to everyone:wavey: :wavey:


Here are my 20


All the Best of Lotto Luck to Everyone!


My 20

05 10 14 16 17 21 22 25 27 30 31 32 33 35 36 37 40 41 44 49 and some quik piks.

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Dennis Bassboss said:
Lets start by saying this.....when the 20 is the first striker it could drag these...19-22-40-43-01-27-21-31....in a very direct fashion....these numbers are somehow link to the 20 either before or after it showed up within 3 draws....now the real high draws had a high consecutive 38-39 ...they might both repeat or one of them....another interesting thing LDs 09 struck hard lately so you have to think in that area at least one LDs 09 to appear again...so the 09 -19-49 are not far fetch either....my LD thing is high...very high for LDs 04 ....14-24-44 ....or 24-34-44 something in that range..so got to play some of these little critters... Another spectrum of these very high draws is calling for a triple consecutives....hum in that case consider the 21-22-23-24 or the 31-32-33-34 or 33-34-35-36 but it is most unlikely that we could expect something in the area of antipode draws or numbers.... :agree2:
When Dennis speaks .....hum... :lol:
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Got only 2 out of 8 this time and it is only a matter of lack of study.....the hints were close as always....and the spectrum of consecutives has been broken loose.....my...my....my....the trail is getting hotter and hotter.......:agree2: :lol:

Mon got three out of 12 ...good !!:agree2:
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Got only 2 out of 8 this time ...
Mon got three out of 12 ...good !!:agree2:
And 4/20 for Florie :agree2:

Dennis, 2/8 is 25%, same as Mon's 3/12 :D

I got one of them feelings again, like I did about the 14. This time 12 and 23 are bugging me. Don't know if that will be 6/49 and/or Super7 this weekend and/or next. I also felt that 6-34 are in play. I had considered the 36 and 45, but 10 was nowhere except between my 8-12. Based on Beaker's hints about what to play (in discussion thread), I first wrote down the 17-19 but took them out, which was fine since 18 was the bonus.

I always do better on the Sat. draw instead of the Wed. draw.
Onward to the weekend draws... :kaioken: :uzi:
dwoods99 said:
And 4/20 for Florie :agree2:

Dennis, 2/8 is 25%, same as Mon's 3/12 :D

I never look at it that way Dwoods...not undermining nobody's result at all ....looking at % of strike is misleading...I played 6 wrong numbers but Mon played 9 wrong numbers...and Florie played 16 wrong numbers...I always count the missing target first....that gives you a much better idea...besides somebody could have played my set of 8 and add 4 more and get 3 or 4 good one...or even more... :bounce: ......:uzi: