July 5/Provincial Picks


Combo 7--> 05-13-20-27-32-37-46 Mine all Mine
These are WH predictions ..

Combo 5 w/LottoBuddy--> 02-13-25-30-41
He picked 25-30...
To my dismay, 02-13-41 showed up only ONCE in the history of this Lotto :bawl: I should have done more research so I am expecting to lose this one :(
too many guests

I hope LT would do something about this cause many ppl just come by here getting hints or help without even talking...

Also BCLC replied telling me they are gathering info on the subject so that they come back to me later with an answer :agree2:
Aug the date for direct communication

Hey Brad

in the Month of Aug I will put an ad for you and Daleks so we can communicate directly..
That way my contribution/prediction would be for 6/49 ONLY whenever I play it.....



BC49 08-22-39-43-44-46 B42 ... Lottario is slow to report

This is hindsite but the top 3 from oons+reps+anns combined for 4/9 ...

AI.2262 hit for 3/19 (8,44,46)


ComboManiac said:
Best 7 Combo 8's for Jul for BC/49

02-11-18-23-28-34-40-41 ...<snip>....

Your 2nd line got 3/8 ... same for El Cheapo version
Wife's one liner gave some consolation

Wife's QP got 3/6 in 6/49 and one on the extra to win $11.00
But my losses are bad as u know....

So u could see the above way of playing has a great chance of getting our monies back or better..
However I would have been still - 98.00 behind as Jul 2 was a losing cause...
You could always change the numbers for next draw which I will do and post later...
but for now I am going to check AI and young Wolfie too....


3 preds, 'same' stack:

I tinkered a bit with Y.Wolfie:

a> 5-20-33-37-40-44-46
b> 5-20-35-37-40-42-46
c> 5-11-20-35-36-37-42-46

a>original ... as posted
b>same processors, except each in it's own group ... therefore this is a series filter (whereas a> is parallel)
c>changed some settings of b> (they were default before I think)
AI better

Well Trial 30 for the 2nd time in a row wins !!! This time it matches 3/11...On Jul 2 it was 4/11...
The reason for that is the damn repeat of 39-43 !!!!

Also LottoBuddy is on vacation for 3 weeks but he agreed when he comes back we play 5 Combo 8's on for one draw.
Let me see if I can convince him to go for 7 Combo 8's :D

Kinda hard to achieve any results with 2 repeats and insistence on 40's :(

Will check on 6/49 and come back...