July 12th Prov. Picks


:cool: Lottario for Sat.


Hey,kitty,looks like you have the FITHP all figured out. Btw, know anybody with the last name "Whitney" from the Royal City? :)

Not having all the fun, still haven't figured it out yet. :confused:
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Hey Tweet ...

It's called backward engineering ... can't let you have all the fun now, can we :D ? ... since my pick record pales in comparison to yours ... still not sure I grasped the idea totally but hey I'm having fun and that's what's important.
If only there was a way for you, Combo and wittle ol' me to play a pool mebe we could herd some BIG COWS our way :eek: ... you two do the picking and I'll supply the pickup :lol:

Sorry, no Whitneys in my addy book ... spent my high school yrs then visited my folks who lived there till 2001, haven't been back since.

Cheers and Good Luck !!:agree2:

After an extensive study of S7 for May and June, found out that this Lotto is based 80% on balancing the Stones ..Don't you love that quiz Boy :D
The good news is the FITHP kicked in last draw why ? Cause it's the end of the month hahahaha..4/7 where paper and pen method..that is great for ppl who play 12 number Wheel cause they would have a chance toget that 5/7.....

What I did is I considered May and Jun one month cause it's only one draw per week....Lo and behold FITHP kicked in at the beginning of Month ( july )...

But for now u can call S7 BTS hahahahahahhaa
wh predictions

PositionGap and Compnd Optimized :

24-30-31-35-36-37-38-42-46-48 !!!


1-2-3-8-10-16-22-23-24-29-34-42-45-48-49 !!



The Wolf HImself

Prediction: 5, 11, 20, 30, 35, 36, 37, 44, 46

Wolf's OldBalanced

Prediction: 3, 10, 11, 13, 16, 24, 30, 34, 35, 36, 45, 48

FITHP with 9 draws

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Just got back from the lake ... hot all day

I was thinking the same ... well I did not play BC, my WH is on the fritz ... no time to pick manually. Just got a few lines for CN49 so did not go cold turkey ;)


Just delete the new one til all the bugs are dead....that is what I do, cause everytime it's full of bugs.....


We have to drive about an hour to get to the lake, half the time there are signs posted "no swimming because of the high levels of bacteria" :sick: especially when it's really hot out. Are your lakes pretty clean? (so, I just use the kids' old slip n slide to cool off, NO, just kidding!!) :D

Good luck with your picks tonight, guys. :agree2:


Combo, you know what I mean.. :p: Most of the time, the water is just yucky. :dang:
I really envy these people up north who have a lake smack dab in the middle of town. That's one of the things I miss about living up there.
Snake should listen to LottoBuddy

Many times he told me "always play numbers for both lottos"
Well tonite was an example for that...My selection for 6/49 was perfect for BC/49...I could have won 60.00 :bawl: from only 3 lines.

This is the 2nd time as I recall it happened last year the same story.....The 3rd time if it happens, most liekly will KILL me...

There are 2 Cheapos on this board, one is The CAT and the other is a snake :lol: :D


Maggie said:
We have to drive about an hour to get to the lake ... <snip>
Maggie, we've got a sm lake 5 min drive from here, mntn stream fed, clean beach, and not crowded most times ... perfect for the kids.
I do miss northern Ont lakes, always one around the next bend even nicer than the last, great for canoeing etc. ... mntn lakes/rivers are nice too but the 'Shield' area is unique, seems to get in your blood and stay there

right after my prev. post cable got knocked out by a T-storm that raced thro here ... just got reconnected
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Re: Snake should listen to LottoBuddy

ComboManiac said:
Many times he told me "always play numbers for both lottos"
... <Snip > ...There are 2 Cheapos on this board, one is The CAT and the other is a snake :lol: :D
Know how that feels and yeah the Cat is cheap for sure :D ... hard to call that but if just a few bucks are being played what's another 1.5 ... or 3 (my case 2 dr ago)? Got skunked today, good thing I didn't play as originally planned, it would have been worse ...

Listen always to the wisemaaaaaaaaaaan

FITHP is dead 80% except 35 in 6/49.....I guess on Wed i should play 7 lines both lottos then as usual lose all of it :mad:
I am lucky not to see horrific 5/6 and not play as u noticed 16 I played and 17 showed up...That could have ruined my day 100%.


Well??? why didn't you post them Dennis :confused: the fishing's great here btw ;)

I'm gonna take a break till Monday and then ... watch out !
:D gonna bug Andy to fix that WH ...
Brad said:
Well??? why didn't you post them Dennis :confused: ;)

I'm gonna take a break till Monday and then ... watch out !
:D gonna bug Andy to fix that WH ...
It was only my crude list that's why but anyhow....I'll be back soon.... :agree:
By the way I cancelled one fishing trip....as my deer friend Billy Moosehead takes care of it... But a few trips abroad coming up soon...And IBM in the meantime...very ectic schedule in the upcoming months... :agree: