Jackpot Alerts


Jackpot Alerts $30,000,000.00

Super 7 bonus jackpots of $19 million, $22 million, $25 million and $30 million will be held on March 21, March 28, April 4 and April 11 respectively.

:wow:$30,000,000.00 FOR APRIL 11 2003 :wow: :wow:$30,000,000.00 FOR APRIL 11 2003 :wow:

Will have to get to work on this one on Saturday!

Sheba__:dog: ®™
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Last year there was a $34M bonus draw on May 17th.. I think it would be cool if they could top that! :D

Then again so many lotto tickets were purcahsed so there were 4 winners. $102,092,406.00 spent on lottery tickets on Canada for that week in total. heh

My brother in law got 5/7 in that draw too but never did cash his ticket because it was stolen :(
At least it was only $152.