It's Showtime!!


I think whatever system one uses to improve their already great odds, it would be interesting to see ones results from from system to system. What I'm getting at is a Lil' Lottery System Showdown. Delta against History against Wheels against Whatever turns your crank!!
Flipper Likes Delta
Gilles Likes History
Others use Wheels ECT.....
Ok now, Of the 2 people mentioned & any others interested, lets add a little PZAZ to the forum and have an HONEST Lottery Showdown between Ones Favorite system.
1 - Pick a date to start so many consecutive
2 - Specify an Amount to spend on each draw.
3 - Each person use 1 system only
4 - After each draw, post your numbers you
won on & amount won$$ (On Your Honor)
5 - Winner of the most amount won for these
draws gets to keep what they won (ha,ha)
& claim themselves a minor victory unless
you win the BIG ONE!!

Does anybody out there agree this would be fun to watch on the forum as the results come in each week, I think it would be neat to see.
This probably won't amount to much, but What makes the world go round is that everyone is a little uniquely different as are lottery systems, so lets try something & let others make their own assumption through this and let all people on the forum judge to see whose way is most consistant.
Fun & Simple Don't Ya Think??

Lets here from anyone reading this what you think. If this challange gets anymore then 8 responses, I think we should set something up, just for fun!!


HEY SANDMAN : your on, put me down for review of past history and wheeling twenty numbers or less I always post my numbers before a draw. This has turned into a fun event with everyone else posting thier numbers as well. It's almost as much fun checking everyone elses numbers the morning after as it is checking my own tickets. To expand on your theme a bit ,it would be interesting for everyone to explain how they arrived at thier numbers. SORRY PEOPLE, but I think some of us are holding back , me included. -------- PETER


50 pesos!! thats about as much as what Nortel stock is trading for these days.


I'll join in too, though i often pick more than 20 numbers.
perhaps i'll post 2 sets of numbers, 20 or less and whatever the other works out to, could be up to 30.
That's okay Snides, don't feel down because you have so many picks. I think I'm gonna take Flip's advice and play all 76 out of 49 numbers this time.

Instead of just the measly 20 that everyone else does, that is.

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Interesting idea but it has already been tried in the UK; check the site in their forum section
They were asking to identify their 20 best picks (before the draw, I do not trust the honor system) and then counting the number of winners. Results are not very high (as expected).
I agree that not everybody would choose 20 numbers but that way it helps when comparing results from many individuals.
I checked it out, GillesD. Interesting. I think ours is better.

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I like the idea but all the results will be irrelavent because if we have to compare we should 1- Play the same quantity of numbers
2- Play consistently for more than one
hundred draws in order to have a credible sample.
3- And to make some conclusions we would need to restart this experiment many,many times
4- Only play one set of numbers, Hey guys twenty is more than enough.
5- Not adding the amount of money that the clerck stole from us.
6- Take note that winning the jackpot do not automatically gives you first place it just means we've lost a player.

Gilles is right in order to compare we must put the same quantity of numbers...otherwise
everything would be flaud before starting.
I don't think that we can achieve these goals
(And honor is another wide variable) but for the fun of it you can count me in!

Ready to go against... Mambo Jambo
I'm a terrific wheeler and I usually pick very few numbers, I might post 20 here but in reality I
always wheel with 11 or less numbers in a 4/6
wheel garantee. I would accept to represent steady numbers. So what I am going to post will stay the same for all the draws to come!

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