Italy's SuperEnalloto gave the biggest prize ever...


... in Europe!

Charles was interested in this, so I might as well post it here for everyone to read it easily....

Last week, the SuperEnalloto got to a jackpot of 65.985.105,96Euro which were won by a single person on 13/08/2003!

This however is not very uncommon, because in March it got to 33.892.459,67Euro also.....

It tends to get to this high prizes because it is a 6+/90 game... where the numbers come from 7 different wheels!! So in fact you have something like 6*COMBIN(6,90) :1 to win the big prize!!

I'll keep playing my 3of5/90 of the Giocco dell Lotto, which is easier and it has a decent enough prize!!


A New Zealand tourist must have won it.

There was a big drop in the value of the euro against the NZ dollar a day later :lol: :lol: