Is Banco just a big SCAM?


When I followed 6/49 they had live TV showing their draws, since I have not followed it for a while am not sure if they do now, correct me if I am wrong assuming they still do.

With Banco however it's a totally different story and the following points make me believe it's just a scam

1. Draws are not live televised , no online live streaming available neither
2. Results are published online 1.5 hours later
3. No list of winnings is available (like in case of Keno for example)
4. Winning numbers are totally out of sequence (like 5 or even 6 numbers in a row). I followed 6/49 some time ago and there was a very clear and consistent trend in numbers drawn.

If I am wrong on first 3 points, please correct me.

I know from other threads all lotto systems want to keep winnings to minimum, but in case of Banco is such a blatant display of arrogance and fixing numbers. What's your opinion and experience with other lotteries.